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The majority of the space in a kitchen is taken up by the kitchen cabinet. Because of this, it is quite important that you choose kitchen cabinets wisely. There are lots of choices available for you in the market. But before you buy, you have to take into consideration a number of factors. These factors include cost, style, door material, color and frames.


Your countertops need to be functional for preparing food and provide easy clean up. They are also the first thing you notice when you walk in the kitchen. The right countertop can add beauty and style as well as practicality.

Custom Closets

We are an authorized dealer of Organized Living® closet organization products. Let us design and build your new custom closets for a more organized and stress-free life.


While often one of the smallest rooms in the home, a bathroom can still have tremendous visual impact. And anything that you do to change the design and décor of a bathroom will significantly transform a space of that size. Bathroom flooring, more than anything else, can have a stunning effect on the overall look of a bathroom.


Rarely is plumbing thought of unless homeowners are experiencing major problems. However, there are some cheap and easy improvements and renovations you can do to improve the look of a room and ultimately the look of your home.


Tile is a versatile material, offering many color and style options. Learn more about the types of tile you can install in your Rhode Island kitchen or bathroom.


Choosing the correct hardware for you kitchen or bathroom is a must. People tend to get excited about doing the entire bathroom or kitchen and forget about the little things like cabinet handles.