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Kitchen counters rhode island Kitchen countertops are one of the most used items in any cook’s room. At Cypress Design Co., our experienced kitchen countertop design specialists are here to help you choose the right countertop material to be used during your next kitchen remodel. For more kitchen counter inspiration, be sure to check out our gallery.There are so many different materials available today for building your perfect kitchen countertop.

Granite Counters

Granite counters are very popular. Granite is second only to diamonds in hardness, so they are more scratch resistant than most any other kitchen design and remodeling material. Wood counters for kitchen are also very popular; they offer a feeling of warmth and are available in many colors and finishes. Maple and oak are the most popular woods used as countertops, but can require a bit more effort to care for. Laminates are relatively inexpensive and quite easy to maintain. The seams do show though so you need to get a good installer to ensure that the seams are done right. Be extra careful with laminate counters though as any scratches are quite difficult to repair.

Formica countertops have always been an old stand by and are used in many new homes today, they are easy to clean and come in a wide selection of colors, not to mention less expensive than some of the other materials.

If you are looking for a kitchen countertop design expert in Rhode Island, please call 401-438-5105 or complete our online request form.